How millionaires on the internet want you to be successful as they have been.

Yes, we have all been there. Looking for your favorite song on YouTube, when all of a sudden an advertisement comes to play before the actual song, and since you are a cheapskate ,and you don’t want to pay for advertisement free YouTube, you must watch the first 5 seconds of the darn thing before you can skip it. Every now and then, between the famous movie star that urges you to invest in oil or other stuff that you don’t actually really understand or the advertisement of your favorite junk food deliverer, there comes the all-knowing multimillionaire that wants to share his secret to success with you. Let’s say you are a young man or a woman that wants to earn some extra cash or imagines a bright and shiny future full of yachts, super cars and models that wave a banana leaf to keep you cool by the side of your own huge pool and so your brain starts to develop an unhealthy interest in the advertisement and you click the “learn more” button. You are then transferred to watch a full-size clip of the same guy telling his heartbreaking story of how poor he was, how the government took his house, his car, his dog, and wife. Prepare yourself with loads of tissues, you will need them to wipe your tears from this hell lot of crap that you will hear. But as in every good story there is light in the tunnel. And then, suddenly, left with nothing, our protagonist is enlightened that he needs to change something in his life (God, how did he come by that thought?). So out of the blue, he starts to change his mindset either by secret document containing intelligence agency’s top secret hypnosis and mind hacking trainings and tricks( because you know all intelligence agency’s operatives go around dropping top secret documents for ordinary people to find) or by some other supernatural method. What do you know, the very next day he comes up with the idea that made him have the luxurious life he lives now and all this life changing knowledge can be yours for a small donation (not really) to the millionaires bank account (still wondering how he became a millionaire). Congratulations you have just wasted your time (and I really hope not your money) to watch something that made someone rich, but certainly not you, so sit down and read a book. It may not make your bank account bigger, but you will certainly get rich, because not all wealth is in money.

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